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FUCHS Events + Incentive
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Tthe FUCHS story

FUCHS can tell (hi)stories. Read about our baptism of fire at city rallies, when the first student began his training with us and what milestones and major projects FUCHS has already completed.

















Renaming of the company as FUCHS Event + Incentive GmbH, along with a new logo and a modern website. First project milestones, such as team events with 200 people and an incentive with a total of 400 people, were successfully completed.

Take-over of FUCHS congress+ incentive GmbH by Veronika Schindler and Susan Uhlemann. Katharina Franken boosts the team in the project and marketing field. Product presentations, association meetings and major incentives.

The economy recovers and FUCHS, too, is once again commissioned with major incentives and team-building events.

The crisis also affects FUCHS. By focussing on the core competencies, we make it through this economically very difficult time.

FUCHS expands its area: successful events add Leipzig/Saxony, Berlin and Thuringia back into the portfolio.

Large event with 1000 participants. Susan Uhlemann in the sales and marketing field once again associated with FUCHS.

Major series of incentives with four events in a row as well as top-class Dresden events for 250 to 600 guests. Stefan Schulze begins his University of Cooperative Education training at FUCHS.

Boom thanks to full concentration on corporate events and team events around Dresden. FUCHS becomes practical partner to Riesa University of Cooperative Education, graphic designer Anja Friedrich joins the team as the first University of Cooperative Education student.

Challenging incentive with 200 guests. From August, very sharp drop in Dresden business due to the 100-year flood.

Conference (400 participants) with extensive programme of supporting events. Veronika Schindler joins FUCHS in a full-time position.

Major incentive in Berlin and international meeting in Majorca. Sandra Stumpe joins Fuchs following her studies.

Interactive city puzzles are added to the portfolio. Until 1997, annual incentives elsewhere in Europe.

Renaming of the company as Fuchs congress+ incentive GmbH. FUCHS begins its involvement as a practical partner to Breitenbrunn University of Cooperative Education.

FUCHS organises the first Trabant rally. Large event with 1000 participants.

First international conference with 350 participants. Susan Uhlemann part of the team as project manager until 1997.

Founding of FUCHS incoming & incentive service OHG by Christiane Fuchs.